Cover for upcoming novel, Twelve, updated cover for Revenge, Denied, plans for Defying the Ghosts audiobook

I’ve settled on a title and a cover for the novel I’ve recently completed, a retelling of the fairy tale “The Twelve Dancing Princesses.”

I’m hoping to release the novel in late summer or early fall.

I’ve also revised the cover for my self-published young adult fantasy short story, “Revenge, Denied.”


Currently working on…

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on getting my young adult novel, Defying the Ghosts, up on Google Play as an ebook. Once it’s available as an ebook, I’m hoping to use Google Play’s new feature allowing me to make it into an audiobook. (It’s currently only available as a hardback, a paperback, or an ebook.)

I’m also planning on constructing a website for Twelve. As a web developer, I always find it exciting to start building a new website.

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